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Deeper Faith and Relationships

We place a high priority on your personal spiritual growth. University equips those who are passionate about their call to Christian service and prepares them for the work of God. Our unique training experience combines classroom learning, distance learning, and hands-on ministry experience. University is about shaping lives. Over two semesters, students will have the opportunity to learn and apply principles from God’s Word, gaining life skills and certification for their chosen course. At the completion of the training series we’ll have a formal graduation ceremony, celebrating the achievements of each student.


University meets on Wednesdays at 7pm at the Kentwood campus. Because we understand schedules may prohibit regular classroom participation, University will also be offered as an online option.

Course 1: Essential Christian Development

The pursuit of being a disciple of Jesus leads us to vast amounts of life transformation. Along the way, it’s important to become fluent in the doctrines that Jesus and His Apostles taught. This course aims to both reinforce fundamental knowledge of scripture, and teach truths that are vital to the Christian life.

For Essential Christian Development lessons, visit

Course 2: Christian Ministry License Training

Combining classroom learning with online courses, students will complete training in topics such as Apostolic Doctrine, Leadership, Personal Disciplines, Spiritual Growth, and more. This course is required for those seeking a ministry license issued by The Pentecostals.

For Christian Ministry License Training, visit

Answers to some questions

  • How do I enroll in University?
    Just show up at an in-person class, and we’ll get you registered! If you would like to train online, just visit one of the links above!
  • What if I can’t make it on Wednesdays, or I’m teaching another class? 
    You can still participate with Distance Learning! Just let us know you’d like to take part, and we’ll follow up with the details!
  • What if I just want to come for teaching, but don’t want to follow the course work for graduation? 
    No problem! Just show up at any class on Wednesdays and enjoy the topic!
  • What if I’ve already completed these courses, or don’t want to take them? 
    You can get involved in other meaningful ways like assisting in KidzJam on Wednesdays, or helping to lead the courses!
  • Will there be other courses I can take?
    This semester we’re only offering two courses, but plan to expand this over time!
  • What if I miss a lesson?
    Easy! All the lessons are online as well for you to make up.

We believe University will be a powerful tool for our church to establish strong Christians, and expand our ministries to spread the Gospel!

Let’s move life forward together!



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