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Deeper Faith and Relationships

Enrollment is open for the Spring Growth Groups semester! Groups begin meting the first week of February.

This Semester (February through April), we’re taking a new approach to Growth Groups! All of our Growth Groups this semester will be very simple and centered around relationship and spiritual conversations! There won’t be assigned topics this semester, and instead conversations will flow freely around what’s currently happening in life. This is going to be a dynamic time of building our faith and friendships with Jesus right at the center! Check out our groups below and sign up today!

We believe life is better when you live in community! The goal of joining a Growth Group is to grow in your walk with Jesus around people that can support you in taking your next steps. Growth Groups meet in homes and other locations for friendship, Bible study, and spiritual conversations.

Are you ready? Let’s move life forward together!

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Isaias Alonzo and Krystal McKee

Meets Wednesday evenings at 7pm In-Person in Kentwood.

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Phil and Pat Ewing

Meets Tuesday mornings at 10am on Zoom.

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DJ and Sandra Jimenez

Meets Wednesday evenings at 7pm In-Person in Burton Heights.

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Steve and Cher Walker

Meets Wednesday evenings at 7pm on Zoom.

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Patrick and Sarah Morefield

Meets Wednesday evenings at 7pm In-Person at the Kentwood Campus.

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